Appendix 2 – One of the first Diplomas issued

Copy of one of the first Diplomas issued by the Lodge to its members.

And the Darkness comprehended it not.  In the East a Place of Eight where reigns Silence and Peace.  We the Master Wardens and Secretary of the Lodge of St. Nicholas in Aberdeen in the Kingdom of Scotland In the A.L. ACCKXVIII.  Years of Eight adorned with all our Honours and regularity, assembled with the rest of the mysterious members of the above mentioned Lodge Do Declare Certifie and Attest to all men enlightened, spread on the face of the Earth, that the Worshipful Brother  Bearer hereof,  hath been received by us an Entered Apprentice; and for his obedience, strength, courage and firmness under the painful work and wonderful tryal we have given him this Diploma as a recompence due to his zeal.  Given at the Lodge of St. Nicholas in Aberdeen this xvi. Day of April A.D. MDCCLXIV. (signed)

Christopher Fry, Master; Robert Williamson, Sen. Warden; James Strachan, Jr. Warden; James Govier, Treasurer; James Nicoll, Secretary.


Appendix 3 – R.W. Masters 1763 -1908