Late last year the lodge membership of Lodge St. Nicholas No. 93 voted and agreed to embark upon the process of becoming a University Lodge.

University Lodges are encouraged and supported by Grand Lodge. They are normal lodges but permit suitable student members to join freemasonry from the age of eighteen onwards – the normal age of joining being twenty-one unless the applicant’s father is already a Mason when the joining age is also eighteen. Various other requirements relating to joining are also relaxed and the University Lodge is required to enquire after applicants and meet with them on various occasions before they join. This is in effect a mentoring process which continues after the applicant joins. Once joined, the new members are encouraged and assisted to make steady progress in the craft.

Grand Lodge assists new student members by reducing the cost of membership.

At the beginning of 2020, St Nicholas officially changed named to St.Nicholas University Lodge No.93. We now hold our monthly meetings every second Saturday of the month. These days consist of starting at 10am followed by a lunch in the afternoon.

Should any student be interested in learning more then please do get in contact with the lodge secretary who can assist further and put you in contact with the Right Worshipful Master; Brian Forbes.

Email: or fill out the contact form below.

University Leaflet